Intellectual Property Consulting

Licensing, litigation, and prosecution support for technology based IP


Patent Services and Expertise

Patent licensing, litigation, and prosecution support

Areas of Expertise

Automotive: IVN (Ethernet), V2X: 802.11p, WAVE, DSRC Processors/Microcontrollers: GP, secure element, cryptographic Memory: Flash, OTP, DDR Communications: BT + 802.11 + Co-existence, NFC/RFID (mobile payments), LTE, DSL Programming: C, PIC, ...

Licensing and Litigation Services

Target assessment Identifying targets based on addressable revenue, evidence of use, and outlining risks and assertive strategies Claim charts and infringement documentation Evidence of use based on; data sheets and literature, functional ...

Patent Prosecution Services

Patent continuation analysis and strategic patenting: Analyzing recently allowed applications for continuation potential, and recommending targeted claim language to assist outside council Patent categorization and ranking: Criteria based ...


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